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As many of you know, we have been enjoying Bayberry Sand-Volleyball for the past seven years. This was a mutually-funded project shared with the Bayberry Association and the players chipping-in, as needed.

Throughout the years, the sand court and surrounding area have been 100% maintained by the players physical labor and financial support. Now, our volleyball group has grown and we all want to extend the time we can play outside, into the evening hours. We believe that the best way to do this is to arrange for the installation of lighting for the court.

We priced-out two 20-foot steel poles and solar-powered street-lighting mounted on top. These would produce sufficient lighting for us to play into the evening. Since we are using solar lighting, no outside electrical wiring will be necessary. We will pad these new posts.

We prefer to fund this project ourselves and believe it can be installed next month. Our estimated cost is $2000. We suggest a donation of $60-$100 per player. (In comparison, the fall/winter indoor playing-time was $30 per player, per month) This will allow us to reach our goal of extending our evening playing time.

Please note, that even if you don’t currently play, we ask that you help us reach our goal, with a contribution of any size. If for any reason this project is cancelled, we will refund your contribution. Please include your $60-$100 donation to our group project, below.

Thank you, and we will keep you posted of our progress. For any questions, please contact me at

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